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SVPCamp 2011 Session Wiki

Page history last edited by Dave Nielsen 10 years, 10 months ago

We have collected notes & slides from the SVPCamp 2011.  Please use this page to list the sessions. Then link to other pages with session notes, slides, photos, etc. 


Opening Session


Morning Sessions

Room Town Square A Town Square B Town Square C Fireside AB Fireside CD Parley Round Table
Shoot Breeze Chin Wagger
Session 1 (10am)

Designing and Using Analytics to Create (and Iterate) Better Products


Lean Product Management (slides)

Mobile Prototypeing for PM 

(slides) (Pencast Audio Notes)

1.0 Product Management

(slides)(notes)(discussion and comments)

Building Insanely Great Products


Gamification: Turning Customers into Advocates & Prioritizing Requirements


Create Stellar Products by Measuring Customer Satisfaction & Social Media


Recognize, Hire & Work with Great UX people. Make your products shine & your customers drool


Your Secret Weapon for Success: Delivering What Customers Value Most (slides,Notes)

Session 2 (11am) 

It's never about price

(slides, notes)

Getting Promoted and Understanding The Next Job Up 


Techniques for Prioritizing Requirements


Interviewing Right - Advice for both sides of the table 


Lead Generation: The Formula for Success 


User Centered Design: How to please users and get the CEO off your back 


Innovation Jams: Lessons in Agile Product Development


Silence the Voice of the Customer (VOC) and Create Breakthrough Products
(slides, Notes

The 4th C, How the Cloud Changes Everything
(slides, Notes, Pencast Audio Notes)




Afternoon Sessions



Room Town Square A Town Square B Town Square C Fireside AB Fireside CD Parley Round Table
Shoot Breeze Chin Wagger
Session 3 (1:15pm)

Good Cop Versus Bad Cop - Leadership as a PM


New to Product Management: What Your Boss May Not Have Told You (slides
Product Managers Are Really Innovation Managers (slides)
Pitching Your Product Like a Hollywood Movie (slides)
Be Innovative, Yet Familiar: How to Create Business Software That Sticks (slides)
Beyond Stage Gate: A New Approach to The Management of Innovation and Development Projects (slides)
Agile 101: Getting Started With Agile Product Management (slides)
Session 4 (2:15pm)
Surveys, Interviews, User Testing, Web Analytics - The Right Tool For the Right Task
Social Media Listening For Product Managers (slides, Pencast audio notes)
Shake It Up: Better Outcomes Through "Improvised" Brainstorming (slides)
Social Media Marketing on a Shoestring: blog, site, twitter, video, YouTube, SEO... (slides)
Rapid Raport: Verbal Technology to Build Chemisty FAST (slides)
  What Every Product Manager Needs to Know About Online Privacy and Security (slides)
SCALE?? How do you handle PM at large scale?.... (slides)
Pragmatic Naming for Today's Product Manager (slides)
Session 5 (3:15pm)
Feedback Mechanisms Should Not Be Echo Chambers (slides)
From Message Nightmare to Message Delight: Six Steps to Create a Compelling Marketing Message (slides)
Creating Highly Productive Cross Functional Teams (slides) (pencast audio notes)
Why Product Management is Dead in America (slides)
Crowdsourcing Product Development (slides)
  Establish Strong and Measurable KPIs (slides)
Cultivating Knowledge Communities via Twitter (slides)
How and Why to Hire Product Managers in BRIC (slides)


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