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Getting Promoted and Understanding The Next Job Up

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Tweets from session:


  • lisaw1: #svpcamp from @RichMironov:  If not spending 20% time on strategy, you're implementor, not showing director potential #pcamp
  • lisaw1: VP of Product role "Is company succeeding?" How do we build org support to do the right things? @RichMironov #prodmgmt #svpcamp
  • lisaw1: Need to have a clear enough product strategy in order to be successful @RichMironov #prodmgmt #svpcamp
  • lisaw1: Dir of Prod Mgmt is to facilitate & keep the trains running; think next 6 quarters; broad product strategy @RichMironov #prodmgmt #svpcamp
  • lisaw1: Prod Mgr is the relentless communicator of the truth @RichMironov #prodmgmt #svpcamp


Further notes from session:


  • Individual PM role is about getting product stuff done; Director is about making processes work
  • Narrow funnel: most PMs will probably not get promoted into Director roles
  • One option: diagonal move to manage a line organization (e.g. Tech Support or Field SE or Developer Relations) that may be hungry for management talent
  • Understanding your boss's problems gives you the opportunity to provide solutions to her/his issues as well as yours
  • VP role is about company-wide organizational alignment




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