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Social Media Marketing on a Shoestring: blog, site, twitter, video, YouTube, SEO

Page history last edited by Eric Krock 11 years, 6 months ago

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/voximate/social-media-marketing-for-the-lean-startup


Social Media Marketing for the Lean Startup


Product Camp 2011
April 2, 2011
Fireside AB
Session 4 – 2:30pm

Presenter Eric Krock, Co-Founder Voximate
Notes courtesy Bob Sawyer


Why blogging: Raise awareness of your company, draw traffic, raise rank for organic search
Writing tips: (1) have someone proof read; (2) Read the post out loud
Customizing look of WordPress
URL best practices
Other WordPress configurations
Blog social media integration

Basics of SEO
Search engine optimization
Target keywords and key phrases
Where to use keywords. Are these in order of importance? Yes, more or less.
Avoid duplicate content
Put images in blog posts
Inbound link campaign
What about trackbacks? I don’t look at them much.

Twitter tips
Twitter basics
Recommendation: Key is active, engaged followers, not just a large quantity of followers
Key twitter rules
Unofficial twitter good practices
How to find potential followers
Blog post and tweet sequence

Filming low-cost video
Filming low cost video: equipment
Teleprompter – free PC-based software is an option
Notes on filming video. Key: be agile about video

Youtube video search optimization
Video search engine optimization
More video tips

Facebook page
Facebook pages

Site and blog promotion tips


Q1: How much time do you spend?
A: Too much. You have to decide how much time to spend.

Q2: WordPress spam. How are the spammers doing it?
A: I use akismet to prevent spam; it doesn’t have too many false positives.


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