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Agile Portfolio Steering

Page history last edited by Hannah 10 years, 6 months ago

Ronica Roth

Agile Evangelist, Rally Software


1.  Agile Portfolio Steering  - presented by Ronica Roth, of Rally.  Rally has just introduced a product in the portfolio management space.  The audience did an exercise of defining and managing a set of projects with 3 teams, given a set of projects.  Each project had a description, projected revenue, costs, and constraints.  We developed the project backlog and managed it over one quarter's worth of sprints. 


Key take-aways  included:

a)  Do just enough planning and more steering.  The roadmap is fluid. Plan less, steer more.

b)  Agile development improves the ability to steer

c)  Don't make the roadmap too detailed.

d)  Use feature points or some other first cut estimation to help define the roadmap. (similar to ASPs).

e)  Any number for projected revenue or value, is better than no number.

Ronica was asked about Ken Schwaber's latest Scrum Guide (2011) that removed release planning from the process and got a resounding  "don't pay any attention to that, that's crazy, you need release planning".


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