3 Different Methods to Define amp; Build Awesome Products

3 Methods to Define & Build Awesome Products

Session 1 - 10 AM

Presenter: Mike Harding


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Note Taker: Kyle Warneck (@KyleWarneck)

Standing room only - And tons of folks pouring out the door into the hallway.


Why are there so many bad products?

Serious thought, money and PM methodology went into these products


3 approaches for building products


Approach 1: Best imaginable product


Approach 2: Design as a product

Book: Design is How It Works by Jay Green
recommended read by Mike
Example: Ace Hotel

But Ace had some failures too

Question from audience: Is this design driving or really knowing a demographic?
Mike's answer:

Question: what about apple? don't they do this? Answer: Highlighted apple brand loyalists in the room

Question: what was their process?
We don't know

Question: wasn't this really price point driven? Vintage is cheap?

Question: but what about the labor cost of finding cool buildings and old vintage stuff?

Audience member notes: NYC rooms start at $300 - $400
Mike says the Seattle one was <$100, but somewhat minimalist


Approach 3: Self as a customer

Mike left Juniper in 2011 and started looking for new gig

looking at his resume - thought the format felt archaic


Thought : As a hiring manager, what do I want to see?


Mike partners with a designer and makes a personal infographic and got a gig and lots of positive comments about the resume

met with Stephen Years to create a product to let anyone do this without a designer

Create re.vu






More examples of self as customer: